Skates for snow

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  • We started with Sled Dogs Snowskates, ten we promoted ODR skis and these days, we are happy to enjoy slopes on Tomsen ski skates.
  • No matter what brand you prefer, these are the facts:
  • Snowskates are much easier for beginners than skis
  • Sknowskates are just much more handy - Save the space in the car and your energy
  • Tomsen snowskates are extremly comfortable compared to ski boots


Skis for winter shoes

Warning. We also offer skis for winter shoes. These are great fun, but you will never have the same control in top speed as on snowskates. It is not secure to use any plastic skis with winter shoes on the ski slope. It is dangerous. 

These plastic toys are great fun on the hill, but it is too dangerous on the ski slope.

Lisez plus



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