A-Jump StiltWalker


A-Jump StiltWalker

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Les échasses les plus confortables du marché. Reliure velcro facilement ajustable. Voici ce que vos genoux méritent: Lisez plus

Producteur: A-Jump

358 € avec TVA

400 € avec TVA Réduction 42 €

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Special pre-sale price only for first 10 pairs.

Product will be ready for shipping before the end of October 2019. Final version will be black.

You can order custom color until Ostober 1 for only €39 fee.


Upper "Calf-Cuff" bindding allows you:

  • Perfec adaptation to the width of your leg
  • Correction of "X" and "O" legs
  • Possibility of front/back shift in order to find perfect balance
  • Extremly fast tightening
  • Compatible with any kneepads
  • Nothing interferes with the knee bending
  • 100% secure

Lower velcro binding:

  • Extreme tightening
  • Quick fit / take off
  • 100% secure


Technical specifications:

  • Each stilt has only 2,5 kg (5,5 pounds)
  • Standard length: 85 cm (32 inch)

Any length might be manufactured for you. Surcharge is €60/ €75 (no colour/ any colour)

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